Super Easy Valentine’s Arts and Crafts Project

Who says Valentine’s Day is only for lovers? You can now spend Valentine’s Day with your kids by making Valentine’s card together for the family. Here are some simple steps to make a very simple but fancy card.

1. Prepare your art materials.

Things you’ll be needing for this project:

  • white, red, pink and other colors you want to be in your card
  • scissors
  • glue
  • glitter (optional)
  • pens and coloring materials or paint (optional)

2. Cut the colored paper of your choice into 18 small hearts.

If you want to make it look more artistic, you can make small and big ones. Don’t make the big ones twice as huge as the small ones for it might not fit the card. The hearts should look like the ones on the picture below.


3. Fold your white paper into half (crosswise).


4. Get your red or pink paper and cut it into a big heart, then paste.

I should be big enough to fit the whole half of the card. Just like the picture below. Get the folded white paper that will serve as the base of your card. Glue the big heart to the back side of your card. It will serve as the design at the back of your card.


5. Design the front page.

Go to the front page of your card. Put it in a crosswise view. Draw three curve lines. Glue the small hearts you have. With five hearts on the first line, use your pen and write “HAPPY”; one letter for each heart. On the second line, put ten hearts and write “VALENTINE’S.” and on the third line, only three hearts for the word “DAY.” After that, you can design it freely by your own choice. Your front page should look like this.



6. You can write your message for your recipient inside the card.

Now, you’re ready to teach your kids these simple steps to make a very artistic and fancy Valentine’s card. Enjoy!

Simple Paper Basket

Before you think about throwing today’s newspaper into the bin after you’ve finished reading it, consider recycling it and turning it into a beautiful basket instead. After all, a basket is a handy tool to have around especially when it comes to organizing things so that they don’t seem like a mess. Also, it looks great on any surface at your home or office. Now, let’s get our hands busy!

What You’ll Be Needing:

  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Stapler or Double-sided Tape
  • Paint & Brush (optional)

Let’s Get Started!


  1. Take the entire newspaper and fold it out.


  1. Snip the newspaper right at the middle. Don’t worry about getting them perfect because we’ll be folding them anyway.
  1. For now, let’s use 20 strips. Depending on the size of your basket, you may opt to trim them later on so we’ll leave it at that length for now.



  1. With a strip of newspaper, fold it in half lengthwise. Fold it 2 more times in the middle. Crease them well using your fingers or the handles of your scissors.


  1. Do the same with the other strips.

I would like to put a special shout out to my friend Lucy over at Hello Baby Bump who introduced me to this idea and as a thank you to her, please have a read of her latest post on the best bottles for breastfeeding and give her your thoughts and feedback.



  1. The next part will be a little bit tricky as it will put your weaving skills to the test. For now, we’ll be having a square base of 10×10. 10 strips should be interwoven with the other 10 strips, using, yes, the over-under-over execution to get them all in place. Staple the connecting strips (the ones at the ends) to hold them in place.



  1. Once done, form the sides by taking the unwoven strips into the air in a 90° angle. From there, take another strip and weave these strips horizontally. It would be best to start in the middle or the 5th Staple or tape them as you go along as that will hold them into shape – whichever method works best for you. If you’re using a stapler, make sure that the flat side is on the visible side (or the outside part).



  1. When you reach the top, you’ll find them a bit awkward-looking. This is the best time to fold them inwards so that they won’t be seen from the outside. If you don’t want to be bothered by them, you can simply cut them off. You can take another strip and use it to cover the top part so that it acts as the rim. Staple or tape it into place and, voila! You’ve just made yourself a pretty little basket. If you’re feeling artsy, paint the basket of your favourite color.


Happy Scraping!

Making Roses Out of Eggs?


Before you throw out that egg carton, try saving it by setting it aside for this particular project. The egg carton is extremely valuable especially for an arts and crafts person like me. I mean, you can think of a zillion ideas that involve this item. Did you know you can make beautiful roses out of them? They look great as decoration pieces for parties, weddings and any other events you can think of.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • Empty carton
  • Brush
  • Flower pattern punch
  • Colored paint
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Floral wire
  • Thick green paper
  • Green crepe paper (preferably a different shade)


Cut the whole carton into individual pieces.


Cut onto the folded parts into 4-petal, 5-petal and 6-petal flowers with straight or rounded edges.


Paint flowers of the desired color.



Poke a hole in the middle of the flower. Insert floral wire and make the “stigma” so that it won’t fall off.

a12-34 a12-35

Do the same with the rest. Start with 6-petal flowers, then 5 and 4. Glue white dotted petals meet together in the middle. Then, close the remaining.


Repeat with other petals.


Once you’re done, get the flower pattern punch and make the sepal. Glue this part on the back of the petals.


Take green crepe paper, fold, glue and wrap around the wire.


Additional: If you want to add leaves for a realistic touch, cut out leaves and use rolled up crepe paper as the stem. Glue the stem onto the leaf.a12-40 a12-41

Make a bunch of three leaves and twist their stems together.


Glue to the stem of the rose and wrap more crepe paper using glue.

The best thing about it is that people will never guess that these roses came from an ordinary egg carton!

How to Turn Your Scrapbooking Hobby into a Business

sb3Loving your job can be quite challenging to most people. Only a few are fortunate enough to really say that they love their job and wouldn’t want to trade lives with anyone. They say that in order to reach this fulfillment, one must adjust, learn the ropes and just swing through them, but not everyone is capable of doing so.

Scrapbooking has become one of the most loved hobbies in this generation. The demographic here is really broad, from teenagers, to young adults to stay-at-home moms who love to document their lives creatively. These people have claimed that scrapbooking is an art and one that they are truly passionate about. If there’s one thing you need to know about a hobby, it’s’ that you can always turn it into a business if you work hard enough.

37_imageAlthough scrapbooking can be described as a recreational or leisure activity, skill is also a key aspect, especially if you’re planning to turn this into a money-making opportunity. There are many ways to go around this but the very backbone of it all is just one word: practice. The good thing about scrapbooking is that you can do whatever you want with it and it’s also a great medium for you to display your artistic and creative skills. Each time, you feel like doing an art project, just give it a go because the only worst case scenario is failing but you are also learning something new. Of course, you can’t be an expert at something if you don’t practice. Moreover, it is also recommended that you still practice even if you already are so that your skills don’t wear off or get rusty. More importantly, do not lose the drive to do the things you love.

6a00d8358081ff69e201901e12fa55970b-800wiA business based on your passion can be really exciting and fun, like scrapbooking for example. You’re not only preserving your memories, but others’ as well. In a scrapbooking business, you could either offer your service or a wide range of products which could include pre-made embellishments, decorative and background paper, inserts and scrapbooking novelty products such as rubber stamps and stickers. These products are very easy to learn and make. Explore the internet for DIY tutorials and hone your skills even more to produce dream scrapbooks for your paying clients.

As in every business, you need to shell out funds and apply for licenses. It is important to make your business legal in every aspect to avoid trouble in the future. Also make sure you invest in high quality resources such as supplies and equipment so that you won’t have to replace them in just a short period of time. It is best if you get these from speciality stores that offer wholesale prices and discounts.

SNWT-3D-Box_w250_tcm23-137452The biggest challenge for you here is advertising your business. First of all you have a lot of competition. You can advertise your business by word of mouth. Get the word around by telling all your friends and family and let them market your business for you simply by spreading the word. You can also turn to social media. Through social media, you can gain more potential clients and most importantly, visibility. You may also ask local stores and speciality shops to offer their customers your business flyers. You may also display print ads on every bulletin board you see, with permission of course.

That’s it! Now, you’re all set to get in there and make your dream job and business become a reality. You can put in as much hard work as you can and not feel even an ounce of stress.

Why Moms Need To Learn Scrapbooking

Moms need to learn scrapbooking because for one, it is a project with endless possibilities. Also, every day is a memory and a memorable moment can strike any minute. Scrapbooking is a way of documenting your life and the lives of the family you are building. There’s nothing like coming home to your family after being away for so long and pulling out a family scrapbook that holds so many memories and so many keepsakes. Even the littlest details matter in a scrapbook. You can fill it with photos, journal entries, printed conversation screenshots, tickets, receipts, anything that reminds you and your family of a memorable experience.

Working Moms

7002cc8f581be79ae24de012f09f52e1For working moms, scrapbooking is a very good way to unwind because you get to reminisce on milestones and important life events while getting in touch with your fun and creative side. It doesn’t take that much skill to manage a scrapbook. In fact, it can be done by anyone and a lot of people have claimed it to be one of their passions, which is totally understandable. Working moms need to learn scrapbooking because stress from work could be damaging physically, mentally and emotionally and one way to cure all that is by coming home to see a lovely family waiting for you or simply by grabbing a good old scrapbook for you to be reminded that everything you do is for them.

Stay-At-Home Moms

A lot of women pledge to be stay-at-home moms when children come into their lives because it is in their nature to nurture their children and ensure proper development. People who were raised in a healthy environment with parents who are ever supportive and always present tend to have a healthier mind and heart and a better perspective on life; but is staying at home for almost half of your life also considered healthy? This question poses issues that moms often deny.

Having all the time in the world to waste can be as unhealthy as having none due to work and stress. This is mainly because of the invisible reward system planted in our heads. We reap what we sow. At many points of our lives, we learn how to true this is. So in this sense, what concrete rewards does a stay-at-home mom get? Contrary to what traditional people will have you believe, you can work hard and even earn a lot while staying indoors. Too much time on your hands means time to think, learn new things and plan out promising ways for you to live and even earn as a stay-at-home mom.


A fun way to preserve your best moments and milestones is by scrapbooking. It’s also ideal if you start during the first phases of building your family. One of the most important events in life would be marriage. Starting a family is certainly not an easy task. You will be attending to a lot of things on your own now and you will also have kids to feed, lives to protect and futures to support. This is why your mom and dad matter.

Decorating A Pringles Tin Queenie Style!

I’ve been waiting to do this a while and finally found some time to (firstly eat a delicious tin of Pringles and then) decorate a tin of Pringles. This is a super easy tutorial for any beginner in scrapbooking to follow along with.

We are going to base our decoration on the season or that special time of the year. This could mean Xmas, Easter or that romantic time in February.

The decorated tin can make a perfect compliment to a gift of your homemade baked cookies or other such yummy snacks.

For this project you will be needing:

  1. Some glue (in our case we are using Mod Podge)
  2. Paintbrush
  3. Patterned paper
  4. Paper trimmer
  5. Whatever decorations you choose
  6. AND of course your Pringles tin

Paint your glue onto the Pringle tin

Now cover the tin in your paper. Make sure the sides are the paper is tightly sealed the tin all the way around and that the sides overlap.

I try to cut the paper to a size of approximately 3 2/16 inches x 10 inches.

It’s now the fun part, decoration! In our example we are using the Cricut with a border punch. Make sure that to seal the decoration to the tin as well as give the tin a touch of gloss that you apply another layer of glue over the final product.
pringles6To make things even more special for the birthday person, you could tie a ribbon to the top of the tin.
Ok, there you have it, something special and sweet! I’ll be back next time with something a little more tricky. xox

How to Improve Your Scrapbooking Skills

daa0682a57b0a841daf0d50c55141d21If you’ve been into scrapbooking for a long time, you would know that it’s a very fun project to do alone or with a group. Some people even claim that it’s a means to get rid of stress, but what would you do if you suddenly blank out and run out of inspiration and scrapbooking ideas? For those of us who love to write, there is such a thing as a writer’s block and it’s a pretty common occurrence. Some get it for days, others who are a tad bit unfortunate get it for months or years. Apparently, such a thing also exists in the art of scrapbooking.

If there’s one thing that you should know about scrapbooking, it’s that everything is all up to you and there’s certainly no right or wrong way in practicing this craft. Rules don’t apply to it either, unless you have a specific layout or theme in mind. Only then will you do a little worrying. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.” Filling in your scrapbook pages with more memorable keepsakes and entries will only make you better in scrapbooking.

0a7f6b557e209e9b661f51e1b6f17fc5A great way to harness your scrapbooking skills is by way of experimenting with different techniques and art forms. You can attend workshops for a lovely learning experience with people who share the same interests as you. A scrapbooking class will do you good in the future. Do not limit yourself to just scrapbooking. Explore new projects and other crafts because you never know when you will need these skills. Each time you learn a new craft, incorporate it to your scrapbook. Watch yourself grow and develop into a master crafter.  You can learn watercolor typography, calligraphy or even making your own personalized rubber stamps! There are so many art projects for you to choose from and when you mix and match them, the possibilities are endless.

There are many DIY tutorials online that you could learn from and apply to your scrapbook. The mighty internet is a good medium for you to reach out to fellow scrapbookers. There are several online communities that could provide you with scrapbooking ideas to keep the creative juices flowing and your interest in tact. You can also look for online and offline magazines for the same purpose. Creativity is not exclusive to painters and artists. It doesn’t matter if you are bad at drawing. So what if you can’t even draw a straight line? Forget your weaknesses and move on to other fields of expertise that could one day turn into one of your strengths. It’s not that hard to be creative if you just open yourself up to new things and by doing so, you can fill your scrapbook with infinite wonder.


Scrapbooking can be done however you wish. What matters are the keepsakes and all the memories it holds, which brings us to the final and most important way to improve your scrapbooking skills—that is to live and create more memories as you go.

10 Unique Scrapbooking Ideas

A fun and easy way to treasure your memories and share them with your friends and family is by scrapbooking. The fun thing about scrapbooking is that it’s very easy to do. It doesn’t require you to be a master crafter or an expert in DIY. Here are 10 unique tricks and ideas to make the art even more fun!

Go neutral.

A loud background color can make your scrapbook page look tacky and messy. It can also distract the reader from your journal entries and photographs. Ideal background colors include cream, black and white. If you wish, you can also use pastel colors. You can also have a certain theme that comes with a palette of complementing colors. Choose wisely!

Use geometric shapes.

Crop your best photos into geometric shapes and assemble them into a fun pattern. This adds a little wackiness to your scrapbook, but don’t go overboard! Also, be careful when cropping your photos because things can get really ugly when you don’t.


Compile travel keepsakes.

Scrapbooking is a very fun project especially for people who love to travel. Compile as much travel keepsakes as you can to form a concise and meaningful scrapbook, one that could take you to that exact moment and to that exact place. Be very creative! You can put in photos, tickets and even use your map as a background.


Screenshot important conversations.

Want to remember important texts and emails? Screenshot and print them! Your phone doesn’t have unlimited storage and sometimes, there’s just too much sweet messages from your special someone. Dedicate a page or two for them by assembling built-in envelopes and pocket inserts.


Be resourceful.

There are lots of scrapbooking materials and templates available online and in specialty stores, but you can also make your own using recycled materials. You can make a pocket insert or an envelope out of glossy magazine pages or use word cut-outs for headers and titles.


Inspiration can hit you anytime. This is why musicians and writers would oftentimes write on the first writing material they lay their hands on. Whether it’s the back of a shopping receipt or a piece of scratch paper, as long as you can write stuff on it, it will do. Include these on your scrapbook so you can always remember when and where you wrote it as well as the feelings you had when you were writing it. Use washi/paper tape to fasten them.

Use fun pens in writing.

A scrapbook will look more authentic when you include personal handwritten text and of course, what better way to write your journal entries than with fun pens. For fluidity, use pens that aren’t about to run out of ink because the last thing you want are unpolished handwritten notes.


Collage your photos.

Instead of putting all your photos into your scrapbook, choose only the best ones and make a collage out of it. You may crop the photos into shapes or use a photo editing software or app to make the photo collage for you. Print and paste!

Embellish with Washi/Paper tapes and stickers.

Washi tapes come in different patterns and it can be used to decorate almost anything. It’s also a more artsy way to stick on your favorite keepsakes. Never underestimate the power of stickers. There are too many stickers out there and choosing the best ones for your scrapbook can be both challenging and fun.


Toss in a paper music playlist.

Dedicate around one to two pages for a paper playlist that would contain all your favorite songs. You can also toss in some meaningful lyrics that speak to you in some way. Write down how the songs make you feel or the memories that it brings up.

And there you go! We bet you’d love to get started on making your very own scrapbook right away!